The Garden

The Garden

The pathways of Villa Tasca's Garden leads the viewer back in time immerging them in the fascinating period between the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution when it was formend. During your journey, you will be accompanied by many particular botanical species from all over the world.

"Whomever descends from Monreale towards Palermo has, before their eyes, a landscape whose pleasantness and delightfulness can't be equaled." Michele Lessona, Volere è Potere (where there's a will, there's a way). 1969.

"The Villa full of delights along Mezzo Monreale's main boulevard, where there is a noble house and an extremely lush garden, and every kind of shady tree"

"Villa di delizie nel corso di Mezzo Monreale dov'è nobil casena ed un giardino foltissimo, e di ogni sorta di alberi ombreggiato" Marchese di Villabianca. 1788