The Villa

The Villa

"At Villa Tasca, I knew the full beauty, the noble and peaceful splendor, of Palermo's pure and immense light" (Anna de Noalles, 1913).

Villa Tasca is located on the road from Palermo to Monreale, in a 20 acre park full of citrus orchards and majestic century-old trees. While the Villa was originally built in the 1500ds, the oasis which protects it is one of Sicily's most emblematic Victorian-era Romantic gardens. The curvilinear stone-bordered pathways and the lush tropical vegetation carry one away into a rich world of silence and suggestion. These more thickly planted areas are complemented by English lawns that allow the garden to be experienced with lightness and simplicity, even during every-day activities.

The large and well-lit interiors are characterized by pastoral frescoes and tile-work that transmit that same balance of liveliness and serenity found in the garden inside the Villa.

A historic place and a family home in one. A living environment where guests will be immersed in the same atmosphere experienced by Jacqueline Kennedy, King Ferdinand IV and Queen Caroline, Bismarck, Margherita di Savoia, or set to music by composers as Wagner or Verdi.

Villa Tasca renders your stay or event into a unique experience of wine, food, botany and history.